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(PHP 5)

curl_multi_info_read — Get information about the current transfers


array curl_multi_info_read ( resource $mh [, int $msgs_in_queue ] )

Ask the multi handle if there are any messages/informationals from the individual transfers. Messages may include informationals such as an error code from the transfer or just the fact that a transfer is completed.

Repeated calls to this function will return a new result each time, until a FALSE is returned as a signal that there is no more to get at this point. The integer pointed to with msgs_in_queue will contain the number of remaining messages after this function was called.


The data the returned resource points to will not survive calling curl_multi_remove_handle().



Un multi-handle cURL întors de curl_multi_init().


Number of messages that are still in the queue

Valorile întroarse

On success, returns an associative array for the message, FALSE on failure.

Istoria schimbărilor

Versiunea Descriere
5.2.0 msgs_in_queue was added.

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