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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

com_event_sink — Connect events from a COM object to a PHP object


bool com_event_sink ( variant $comobject , object $sinkobject [, mixed $sinkinterface ] )

Instructs COM to sink events generated by comobject into the PHP object sinkobject . PHP will attempt to use the default dispinterface type specified by the typelibrary associated with comobject , but you may override this choice by setting sinkinterface to the name of the dispinterface that you want to use.

sinkobject should be an instance of a class with methods named after those of the desired dispinterface; you may use com_print_typeinfo() to help generate a template class for this purpose.

Be careful how you use this feature; if you are doing something similar to the example below, then it doesn't really make sense to run it in a web server context.

Example#1 COM event sink example

class IEEventSinker {
$terminated false;

ProgressChange($progress$progressmax) {
"Download progress: $progress / $progressmax\n";

DocumentComplete(&$dom$url) {
"Document $url complete\n";

OnQuit() {
$this->terminated true;
$ie = new COM("InternetExplorer.Application");
// note that you don't need the & for PHP 5!
$sink =& new IEEventSinker();
$ie->Visible true;
$sink->terminated) {
$ie null;

See also com_print_typeinfo(), com_message_pump().