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SoapClient->__soapCall() — Calls a SOAP function


mixed __soapCall ( string $function_name , array $arguments [, array $options [, mixed $input_headers [, array &$output_headers ]]] )

This is a low level API function that is used to make a SOAP call. Usually, in WSDL mode, you can simply call SOAP functions as SoapClient methods. This method useful in non-WSDL mode when soapaction is unknown, uri differs from the default or when sending and/or receiving SOAP Headers.

On error, a call to a SOAP function can cause PHP to throw exceptions or return a SoapFault object if exceptions are disabled. To check if the function call failed to catch the SoapFault exceptions, check the result with is_soap_fault().


SOAP functions may return one, or multiple values. If only one value is returned by the SOAP function, the return value of __soapCall will be a simple value (e.g. an integer, a string, etc). If multiple values are returned, __soapCall will return an associative array of named output parameters.


Example#1 SoapClient->__soapCall() Examples


= new SoapClient("some.wsdl");

$client->__soapCall("SomeFunction", array($a$b$c));
$client->__soapCall("SomeFunction", array($a$b$c), NULL,
SoapHeader(), $output_headers);

$client = new SoapClient(null, array('location' => "https://localhost/soap.php",
'uri'      => "https://test-uri/"));
$client->__soapCall("SomeFunction", array($a$b$c));
$client->__soapCall("SomeFunction", array($a$b$c),
'soapaction' => 'some_action',
'uri'        => 'some_uri'));