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Xitami on Microsoft Windows

This section contains notes and hints specific to » Xitami on Windows.

Note: You should read the manual installation steps first!

This list describes how to set up the PHP CGI binary to work with Xitami on Windows.

Note: Important for CGI users Read the faq on cgi.force_redirect for important details. This directive needs to be set to 0. If you want to use $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] you have to enable the cgi.fix_pathinfo directive.


Ved at bruge CGI opsætningen, vil din server være åben for flere mulige angreb. Læs venligst vores CGI sikkerheds sektion for at lære hvordan du kan forsvare dig imod disse angreb.

  • Make sure the web server is running, and point your browser to xitamis admin console (usually, and click on Configuration.

  • Navigate to the Filters, and put the extension which PHP should parse (i.e. .php) into the field File extensions (.xxx).

  • In Filter command or script put the path and name of your PHP CGI executable i.e. C:\php\php.exe for PHP 4, or C:\php\php-cgi.exe for PHP 5.

  • Press the 'Save' icon.

  • Restart the server to reflect changes.