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DomDocument->create_element_ns — Create new element node with an associated namespace


domelement DomDocument->create_element_ns ( string $uri , string $name [, string $prefix ] )

This function returns a new instance of class DomElement. The tag name of the element is the value of the passed parameter name . The URI of the namespace is the value of the passed parameter uri . If there is already a namespace declaration with the same uri in the root-node of the document, the prefix of this is taken, otherwise it will take the one provided in the optional parameter prefix or generate a random one. Dieser Knoten wird in Ihrem Dokument nicht sichtbar sein, bis dieser zum Beispiel mit der Funktion domnode_append_child () eingefügt wird.

The return value is FALSE if an error occurred.

See also domdocument_create_element_ns(), domnode_add_namespace(), domnode_set_namespace(), domnode_append_child(), domdocument_create_text(), domdocument_create_comment(), domdocument_create_attribute(), domdocument_create_processing_instruction(), domdocument_create_entity_reference(), and domnode_insert_before().