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(PECL pecl_http:0.10.0-1.5.5)

http_send_content_disposition — Send Content-Disposition


bool http_send_content_disposition ( string $filename [, bool $inline = FALSE ] )

Send the Content-Disposition. The Content-Disposition header is very useful if the data actually sent came from a file or something similar, that should be "saved" by the client/user (i.e. by browsers "Save as..." popup window).

Hinweis: This function is supposed to be used in conjunction with http_send_data(), http_send_file() und http_send_stream().

Parameter Liste


the file name the "Save as..." dialog should display


if set to TRUE and the user agent knows how to handle the content type, it will probably not cause the popup window to be shown


Gibt bei Erfolg TRUE zurück, im Fehlerfall FALSE.

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