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(PHP 5, PECL oci8:1.1-1.2.4)

OCI-Lob->flush — Flushes/writes buffer of the LOB to the server


bool flush ([ int $flag ] )

OCI-Lob->flush() actually writes data to the server.

Parameter Liste


By default, resources are not freed, but using flag OCI_LOB_BUFFER_FREE you can do it explicitly. Be sure you know what you're doing - next read/write operation to the same part of LOB will involve a round-trip to the server and initialize new buffer resources. It is recommended to use OCI_LOB_BUFFER_FREE flag only when you are not going to work with the LOB anymore.


Gibt bei Erfolg TRUE zurück, im Fehlerfall FALSE.

Returns FALSE if buffering was not enabled or an error occurred.