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(PECL svn:0.1-0.2)

svn_checkout — Checks out a working copy from the repository


bool svn_checkout ( string $repos , string $targetpath [, int $revision ] )

Checks out a working copy from the repository at repos to targetpath at revision revision .

Parameter Liste


String URL path to directory in repository to check out.


String local path to directory to check out in to

Hinweis: Relative paths will be resolved as if the current working directory was the one that contains the PHP binary. To use the calling script's working directory, use realpath() or dirname(__FILE__).


Integer revision number of repository to check out. Default is HEAD, the most recent revision.


Gibt bei Erfolg TRUE zurück, im Fehlerfall FALSE.



Diese Funktion ist EXPERIMENTELL. Das Verhalten, der Funktionsname und alles Andere was hier dokumentiert ist, kann sich in zukünftigen PHP-Versionen ohne Ankündigung ändern. Seien Sie gewarnt und verwenden Sie diese Funktion auf eigenes Risiko.


Example#1 Basic example

This example demonstrates how to check out a directory from a repository to a directory named calc:

(''dirname(__FILE__) . '/calc');

The dirname(__FILE__) call is necessary in order to convert the calc relative path into an absolute one. If calc exists, you can also use realpath() to retrieve an absolute path.