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HttpResponse — HTTP Response Class

static class HttpResponse

Class Members


Static Properties
Modifiers Type Name Description
protected boolean cache whether caching the response should be attempted
protected boolean gzip whether the sent entity should be gzip'ed on the fly
protected string eTag the generated or custom ETag
protected integer lastModified the generated or custom timestamp of last modification
protected string cacheControl Cache-Control setting
protected string contentType the Content-Type of the sent entity
protected string contentDisposition the Content-Disposition of the sent entity
protected integer bufferSize the chunk buffer size used for throttling
protected double throttleDelay the seconds to delay when throttling

Predefined Constants

Type Name Description
integer REDIRECT guess applicable redirect method
integer REDIRECT_PERM permanent redirect (301 Moved permanently)
integer REDIRECT_FOUND standard redirect (302 Found)
integer REDIRECT_POST redirect applicable to POST requests (303 See other)
integer REDIRECT_PROXY proxy redirect (305 Use proxy)
integer REDIRECT_TEMP temporary redirect (307 Temporary Redirect)