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DomDocument->html_dump_mem — Dumps the internal XML tree back into a string as HTML


string DomDocument->html_dump_mem ( void )

Creates an HTML document from the dom representation. This function usually is called after building a new dom document from scratch as in the example below.

Example#1 Creating a simple HTML document header


// Creates the document
$doc domxml_new_doc("1.0");

$root $doc->create_element("html");
$root $doc->append_child($root);

$head $doc->create_element("head");
$head $root->append_child($head);

$title $doc->create_element("title");
$title $head->append_child($title);

$text $doc->create_text_node("This is the title");
$text $title->append_child($text);


The above example will output:

<html><head><title>This is the title</title></head></html>

See also domdocument_dump_file(), and domdocument_html_dump_mem().