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(PECL geoip:0.2.0-1.0.1)

geoip_database_info — Get GeoIP Database information


string geoip_database_info ([ int $database ] )

The geoip_database_info() function returns the corresponding GeoIP Database version as it is defined inside the binary file.

If this function is called without arguments, it returns the version of the GeoIP Free Country Edition.



The database type as an integer. You can use the various constants defined with this extension (ie: GEOIP_*_EDITION).

Return values

Returns the corresponding database version, or NULL on error.


Example#1 A geoip_region_by_name() example

This will output the current database version string.

print geoip_database_info(GEOIP_COUNTRY_EDITION);

The above example will output:

GEO-106FREE 20060801 Build 1 Copyright (c) 2006 MaxMind LLC All Rights Reserved