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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0)

pg_transaction_status — Returns the current in-transaction status of the server.


int pg_transaction_status ( resource $connection )

Returns the current in-transaction status of the server.


pg_transaction_status() will give incorrect results when using a PostgreSQL 7.3 server that has the parameter autocommit set to off. The server-side autocommit feature has been deprecated and does not exist in later server versions.



PostgreSQL database connection resource.

Return values

The status can be PGSQL_TRANSACTION_IDLE (currently idle), PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE (a command is in progress), PGSQL_TRANSACTION_INTRANS (idle, in a valid transaction block), or PGSQL_TRANSACTION_INERROR (idle, in a failed transaction block). PGSQL_TRANSACTION_UNKNOWN is reported if the connection is bad. PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE is reported only when a query has been sent to the server and not yet completed.


Example#1 pg_transaction_status() example

pg_connect("dbname=publisher") or die("Could not connect");
$stat pg_transaction_status($dbconn);
  if (
'Connection is bad';
  } else if (
'Connection is currently idle';
  } else {
'Connection is in a transaction state';