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(PECL phar:1.0.0-1.2.1)

Phar::loadPhar — Loads any phar archive with an alias


mixed Phar::loadPhar ( string $filename [, string $alias ] )

This can be used to read the contents of an external Phar archive. This is most useful for assigning an alias to a phar so that subsequent references to the phar can use the shorter alias, or for loading Phar archives that only contain data and are not intended for execution/inclusion in PHP scripts.

Liste de paramètres


the full or relative path to the phar archive to open


The alias that may be used to refer to the phar archive. Note that many phar archives specify an explicit alias inside the phar archive, and a PharException will be thrown if a new alias is specified in this case.

Valeurs de retour

Cette fonction retourne TRUE en cas de succès, FALSE en cas d'échec.

Erreurs / Exceptions

PharException is thrown if an alias is passed in and the phar archive already has an explicit alias


Example#1 A Phar::loadPhar() example

Phar::loadPhar can be used anywhere to load an external Phar archive, whereas Phar::mapPhar should be used in a loader stub for a Phar.

try {
} catch (
PharException $e) {

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