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(PHP 5)

stream_socket_sendto — Sends a message to a socket, whether it is connected or not


int stream_socket_sendto ( resource $socket , string $data [, int $flags [, string $address ]] )

The function stream_socket_sendto() sends the data specified by data through the socket specified by socket . The address specified when the socket stream was created will be used unless an alternate address is specified in address .

The value of flags can be any combination of the following:

possible values for flags
STREAM_OOB Process OOB (out-of-band) data.

Example#1 stream_socket_sendto() Example

/* Open a socket to port 1234 on localhost */
$socket stream_socket_client('tcp://');

/* Send ordinary data via ordinary channels. */
fwrite($socket"Normal data transmit.");

/* Send more data out of band. */
stream_socket_sendto($socket"Out of Band data."STREAM_OOB);

/* Close it up */

See also stream_socket_recvfrom(), stream_socket_client(), and stream_socket_server().