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Secure Shell2 Functions


Bindings to the » libssh2 library which provide access to resources (shell, remote exec, tunneling, file transfer) on a remote machine using a secure cryptographic transport.


Windows binaries may be found at » To install, download php_ssh2.dll to the folder specified by your php.ini file's extension_dir directive. Enable it by adding extension=php_ssh2.dll to your php.ini and restarting your web server.


Linux, BSD, and other *nix variants can be compiled using the following steps:

  • Download and install » OpenSSL. If you install OpenSSL via your distribution's packaging system be sure to install the development libraries as well. This will typically be a package named openssl-dev, openssl_devel, or some variation thereof.
  • Download and install » libssh2. Typically this means executing the following command from the libssh2 source tree. ./configure && make all install.
  • Run the pear installer for PECL/ssh2: pear install ssh2
  • Copy from the directory indicated by the build process to the location specified in your php.ini file under extension_dir.
  • Add to your php.ini
  • Restart your web server to reload your php.ini settings.

Notă: Development Versions There are currently no stable versions of PECL/ssh2, to force installation of the beta version of PECL/ssh2 execute: pear install ssh2-beta


Compiling PECL/ssh2 without using the PEAR command

Rather than using pear install ssh2 to automatically download and install PECL/ssh2, you may download the tarball from » PECL. From the root of the unpacked tarball, run: phpize && ./configure --with-ssh2 && make to generate Once built, continue the installation from step 4 above.

Informaţie despre instalarea acestei extensii PECL poate fi găsită în capitolul manualului, întitulat Instalarea extensiilor PECL. Informaţii adiţionale, cum ar fi lansări noi, descărcări, fişiere-sursă, informaţii despre persoana care întreţine extensia şi istoria schimbărilor poate fi localizată aici: »

Notă: You will need version 0.4 or greater of the libssh2 library (possibly higher, see release notes).

Constante predefinite

Constantele de mai jos sunt definite de această extensie şi vor fi disponibile doar dacă această extensie a fost compilată în interiorul PHP, sau a fost încărcată dinamic în timpul rulării.

Flag to ssh2_fingerprint() requesting hostkey fingerprint as an MD5 hash.
Flag to ssh2_fingerprint() requesting hostkey fingerprint as an SHA1 hash.
Flag to ssh2_fingerprint() requesting hostkey fingerprint as a string of hexits.
Flag to ssh2_fingerprint() requesting hostkey fingerprint as a raw string of 8-bit characters.
Flag to ssh2_shell() specifying that width and height are provided as character sizes.
Flag to ssh2_shell() specifying that width and height are provided in pixel units.
Default terminal width requested by ssh2_shell().
Default terminal height requested by ssh2_shell().
Default terminal units requested by ssh2_shell().
Flag to ssh2_fetch_stream() requesting STDIO subchannel.
Flag to ssh2_fetch_stream() requesting STDERR subchannel.
Default terminal type (e.g. vt102, ansi, xterm, vanilla) requested by ssh2_shell().