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A collection of a set of variants for a particular icon.

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An icon factory helps you to manage a collection of GtkIconSets; and a GtkIconSet manages a set of variants for a particular icon, that is, variants for different sizes and widget states. Icons in an icon factory are named by a Stock ID, which a simple string identifying the icon.

Each GtkStyle has a list of GtkIconFactorys derived from the current theme; those icon factories are consulted first when searching for an icon. If the theme doesn't set a particular icon, PHP-GTK 2 looks for it in a list of default icon factories, which are maintained by add_default() and remove_default() .

Applications with icons must add a default icon factory to their icons, which will allow themes to override the icons for the application.


-- Creates a new GtkIconFactory to manage icon sets.


  Adds a new GtkIconSet to the icon factory.
  Adds the icon factory to list of default factories.
  Searches for a GtkIconSet in current icon factory.
  Searches for a GtkIconSet in default icon factories.
  Removes an icon factory from the list of default factories.