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db2_conn_error --  Returns a string containing the SQLSTATE returned by the last connection attempt


string db2_conn_error ( [resource connection] )

db2_conn_error() returns an SQLSTATE value representing the reason the last attempt to connect to a database failed. As db2_connect() returns FALSE in the event of a failed connection attempt, you do not pass any parameters to db2_conn_error() to retrieve the SQLSTATE value.

If, however, the connection was successful but becomes invalid over time, you can pass the connection parameter to retrieve the SQLSTATE value for a specific connection.

To learn what the SQLSTATE value means, you can issue the following command at a DB2 Command Line Processor prompt: db2 '? sqlstate-value'. You can also call db2_conn_errormsg() to retrieve an explicit error message and the associated SQLCODE value.

Seznam parametrů


A connection resource associated with a connection that initially succeeded, but which over time became invalid.

Návratové hodnoty

Returns the SQLSTATE value resulting from a failed connection attempt. Returns an empty string if there is no error associated with the last connection attempt.


Příklad 1. Retrieving an SQLSTATE value for a failed connection attempt

The following example demonstrates how to return an SQLSTATE value after deliberately passing invalid parameters to db2_connect().

= db2_connect('badname', 'baduser', 'badpassword');
if (!
$conn) {
"SQLSTATE value: " . db2_conn_error();

Výše uvedený příklad vypíše:

SQLSTATE value: 08001