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(PHP 3 >= 3.0.8, PHP 4, PHP 5)

dba_fetch -- Fetch data specified by key


string dba_fetch ( string key, resource handle )

string dba_fetch ( string key, int skip, resource handle )

dba_fetch() fetches the data specified by key from the database specified with handle.

Seznam parametrů


The key the data is specified by.

Poznámka: When working with inifiles this function accepts arrays as keys where index 0 is the group and index 1 is the value name. See: dba_key_split().


The number of key-value pairs to ignore when using cdb databases. This value is ignored for all other databases which do not support multiple keys with the same name.


The database handler, returned by dba_open() or dba_popen().

Návratové hodnoty

Returns the associated string if the key/data pair is found, FALSE otherwise.

ChangeLog (záznam změn)

4.3 The skip parameter is available to support cdb's capability of multiple keys having the same name.