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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.4, PHP 5)

gmp_init -- Create GMP number


resource gmp_init ( mixed number [, int base] )

Creates a GMP number from an integer or string. String representation can be decimal, hexadecimal or octal. Optional parameter base is available since PHP 4.1.0. Its default value is 0.

The base may vary from 2 to 36. If base is 0 (default value), the actual base is determined from the leading characters: if the first two characters are 0x or 0X, hexadecimal is assumed, otherwise if the first character is "0", octal is assumed, otherwise decimal is assumed.

Příklad 1. Creating GMP number

= gmp_init(123456);
$b = gmp_init("0xFFFFDEBACDFEDF7200");

Poznámka: It is not necessary to call this function if you want to use integer or string in place of GMP number in GMP functions, like gmp_add(). Function arguments are automatically converted to GMP numbers, if such conversion is possible and needed, using the same rules as gmp_init().