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hw_api->insertanchor -- Inserts a new object of type anchor


hw_api_object hw_api->insertanchor ( array parameter )

This function is a shortcut for hwapi_insert(). It inserts an object of type anchor and sets some of the attributes required for an anchor. The parameter array contains the required elements 'object' and 'documentIdentifier' and the optional elements 'destinationIdentifier', 'parameter', 'hint' and 'attributeSelector'. The 'documentIdentifier' specifies the document where the anchor shall be inserted. The target of the anchor is set in 'destinationIdentifier' if it already exists. If the target does not exists the element 'hint' has to be set to the name of object which is supposed to be inserted later. Once it is inserted the anchor target is resolved automatically.

See also hwapi_insertdocument(), hwapi_insertcollection(), hwapi_insert().