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maxdb->options -- Set options


Procedural style:

bool maxdb_options ( resource link, int option, mixed value )

Object oriented style (method)

class maxdb {

bool options ( int option, mixed value )


maxdb_options() can be used to set extra connect options and affect behavior for a connection.

This function may be called multiple times to set several options.

maxdb_options() should be called after maxdb_init() and before maxdb_real_connect().

The parameter option is the option that you want to set, the value is the value for the option. For detailed description of the options see The parameter option can be one of the following values:

Tabulka 1. Valid options

MAXDB_COMPNAMEThe component name used to initialise the SQLDBC runtime environment.
MAXDB_APPLICATIONThe application to be connected to the database.
MAXDB_APPVERSIONThe version of the application.
MAXDB_UNICODE TRUE, if the connection is an unicode (UCS2) client or FALSE, if not.
MAXDB_TIMEOUT The maximum allowed time of inactivity after which the connection to the database is closed by the system.
MAXDB_ISOLATIONLEVEL Specifies whether and how shared locks and exclusive locks are implicitly requested or released.
MAXDB_PACKETCOUNT The number of different request packets used for the connection.
MAXDB_STATEMENTCACHESIZE The number of prepared statements to be cached for the connection for re-use.
MAXDB_CURSORPREFIX The prefix to use for result tables that are automatically named.

Návratové hodnoty

Vrací TRUE při úspěchu, FALSE při selhání.