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mb_strrichr -- Finds the last occurrence of a character in a string within another, case insensitive


string mb_strrichr ( string haystack, string needle [, bool part [, string encoding]] )

mb_strrichr() finds the last occurrence of needle in haystack and returns the portion of haystack. Unlike mb_strrchr(), mb_strrichr() is case-insensitive. If needle is not found, it returns FALSE.

Seznam parametrů


The string from which to get the last occurrence of needle


The string to find in haystack


Determines which portion of haystack this function returns. If set to TRUE, it returns all of haystack from the beginning to the last occurrence of needle. If set to FALSE, it returns all of haystack from the last occurrence of needle to the end, Default value is FALSE.


Character encoding name to use. If it is omitted, internal character encoding is used.

Návratové hodnoty

Returns the portion of haystack. or FALSE if needle is not found.