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(PHP 3 CVS only, PHP 4 >= 4.0.3, PHP 5)

pg_client_encoding --  Gets the client encoding


string pg_client_encoding ( [resource connection] )

PostgreSQL supports automatic character set conversion between server and client for certain character sets. pg_client_encoding() returns the client encoding as a string. The returned string will be one of the standard PostgreSQL encoding identifiers.

Poznámka: This function requires PHP 4.0.3 or higher and PostgreSQL 7.0 or higher. If libpq is compiled without multibyte encoding support, pg_client_encoding() always returns SQL_ASCII. Supported encoding depends on PostgreSQL version. Refer to the PostgreSQL Documentation supported encodings.

The function used to be called pg_clientencoding().

Seznam parametrů


PostgreSQL database connection resource. When connection is not present, the default connection is used. The default connection is the last connection made by pg_connect() or pg_pconnect().

Návratové hodnoty

The client encoding, or FALSE on error.


Příklad 1. pg_client_encoding() example

// Assume $conn is a connection to a ISO-8859-1 database
$encoding = pg_client_encoding($conn);

"Client encoding is: ", $encoding, "\n";

Výše uvedený příklad vypíše:

Client encoding is: ISO-8859-1