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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

pg_lo_create -- Create a large object


int pg_lo_create ( [resource connection] )

pg_lo_create() creates a large object and returns the OID of the large object. PostgreSQL access modes INV_READ, INV_WRITE, and INV_ARCHIVE are not supported, the object is created always with both read and write access. INV_ARCHIVE has been removed from PostgreSQL itself (version 6.3 and above).

To use the large object interface, it is necessary to enclose it within a transaction block.

Instead of using the large object interface (which has no access controls and is cumbersome to use), try PostgreSQL's bytea column type and pg_escape_bytea().

Poznámka: This function used to be called pg_locreate().

Seznam parametrů


PostgreSQL database connection resource. When connection is not present, the default connection is used. The default connection is the last connection made by pg_connect() or pg_pconnect().

Návratové hodnoty

A large object OID or FALSE on error.


Příklad 1. pg_lo_create() example

= pg_connect("dbname=jacarta");
pg_query($database, "begin");
$oid = pg_lo_create($database);
$handle = pg_lo_open($database, $oid, "w");
pg_lo_write($handle, "large object data");
pg_query($database, "commit");