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Phar::offsetSet -- set the contents of an internal file to those of an external file


void Phar::offsetSet ( string offset, string value )

This is an implementation of the ArrayAccess interface allowing direct manipulation of the contents of a Phar archive using array access brackets. offsetSet is used for modifying an existing file, or adding a new file to a Phar archive.

Seznam parametrů


The filename (relative path) to modify in a Phar.


Content of the file.

Návratové hodnoty

No return values.


if phar.readonly is 1, BadMethodCallException is thrown, as modifying a Phar is only allowed when phar.readonly is set to 0. Throws PharException if there are any problems flushing changes made to the Phar archive to disk.


Příklad 1. A Phar::offsetSet() example

offsetSet should not be accessed directly, but instead used via array access with the [] operator.

= new Phar('/path/to/my.phar', 0, 'my.phar');
try {
// calls offsetSet
$p['file.txt'] = 'Hi there';
catch (Exception $e) {
'Could not modify file.txt:', $e;