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PharFileInfo->setMetaData -- Sets file-specific meta-data saved with a file


int PharFileInfo->setMetaData ( mixed metadata )

setMetaData() should only be used to store customized data in a file that cannot be represented with existing information stored with a file. Meta-data can significantly slow down the performance of loading a phar archive if the data is large, or if there are many files containing meta-data. It is important to note that file permissions are natively supported inside a phar, although it is possible to set them with the PharFileInfo->chmod() method. As with all functionality that modifies the contents of a phar, the phar.readonly INI variable must be off in order to succeed.

Some possible uses for meta-data include passing a user/group that should be set when a file is extracted from the phar to disk. Other uses could include explicitly specifying a MIME type to return. However, any useful data that describes a file, but should not be contained inside of it may be stored.

Seznam parametrů


Any PHP variable containing information to store alongside a file


Příklad 1. A PharFileInfo->setMetaData() example

// make sure it doesn't exist
try {
$p = new Phar(dirname(__FILE__) . '/brandnewphar.phar', 0, 'brandnewphar.phar');
$p['file.txt'] = 'hello';
$p['file.txt']->setMetaData(array('user' => 'bill', 'mime-type' => 'text/plain'));
catch (Exception $e) {
'Could not create/modify phar: ', $e;

Výše uvedený příklad vypíše:

array(2) {
  string(4) "bill"
  string(10) "text/plain"