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ps_set_info -- Sets information fields of document


bool ps_set_info ( resource p, string key, string val )

Sets certain information fields of the document. This fields will be shown as a comment in the header of the PostScript file. If the document is converted to pdf this fields will also be used for the document information.

The BoundingBox is usually set to the value given to the first page. This only works if ps_findfont() has not been called before. In such cases the BoundingBox would be left unset unless you set it explicitly with this function.

This function will have no effect anymore when the header of the postscript file has been already written. It must be called before the first page or the first call of ps_findfont().

Seznam parametrů


Resource identifier of the postscript file as returned by ps_new().


The name of the information field to set. The values which can be set are Keywords, Subject, Title, Creator, Author, BoundingBox, and Orientation. Be aware that some of them has a meaning to PostScript viewers.


The value of the information field. The field Orientation can be set to either Portrait or Landscape. The BoundingBox is a string consisting of four numbers. The first two numbers are the coordinates of the lower left corner of the page. The last two numbers are the coordinates of the upper right corner.

Poznámka: Up to version 0.2.6 of pslib, the BoundingBox and Orientation will be overwritten by ps_begin_page(), unless ps_findfont() has been called before.

Návratové hodnoty

Vrací TRUE při úspěchu, FALSE při selhání.