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SAMConnection->error -- Contains the text description of the last failed SAM operation.


class SAMConnection {

string error


Contains the text description of the last failed SAM operation on this connection. If the last operation completed successfully this property contains an empty string.

Návratové hodnoty

A string containing the text description of the last error type encountered on the connection. An empty string indicates that the last operation on this connection completed successfully.


Příklad 1. Using the error number and description properties

= new SAMConnection();
$conn->connect(SAM_WMQ, array(SAM_HOST => 'localhost', SAM_PORT => 1506));
$msg = new SAMMessage('This is a simple text item');
if (!
$conn->send('topic://test', $msg)) {
// The Send failed!
echo "Send failed ($conn->errno) $conn->error";