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(PHP 3 CVS only)

sesam_seek_row -- Set scrollable cursor mode for subsequent fetches


bool sesam_seek_row ( string result_id, int whence [, int offset] )

Sets the scrollable cursor mode for subsequent fetches.

Seznam parametrů


result_id is a valid result id (select type queries only, and only if a "scrollable" cursor was requested when calling sesam_query()).


whence sets the global default value for the scrolling type, it specifies the scroll type to use in subsequent fetch operations on "scrollable" cursors, which can be set to the following predefined constants:

Tabulka 1. Valid values for whence

0SESAM_SEEK_NEXTread sequentially
1SESAM_SEEK_PRIORread sequentially backwards
2SESAM_SEEK_FIRST fetch first row (after fetch, the default is set to SESAM_SEEK_NEXT)
3SESAM_SEEK_LAST fetch last row (after fetch, the default is set to SESAM_SEEK_PRIOR)
4SESAM_SEEK_ABSOLUTE fetch absolute row number given as offset (Zero-based. After fetch, the default is set to SESAM_SEEK_ABSOLUTE, and the offset value is auto-incremented)
5SESAM_SEEK_RELATIVE fetch relative to current scroll position, where offset can be a positive or negative offset value (this also sets the default "offset" value for subsequent fetches).


An optional parameter which is only evaluated (and required) if whence is either SESAM_SEEK_RELATIVE or SESAM_SEEK_ABSOLUTE.

Návratové hodnoty

Vrací TRUE při úspěchu, FALSE při selhání.