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Sambar Server on Microsoft Windows

Sambar Server on Microsoft Windows

This section contains notes and hints specific to the Sambar Server for Windows.

Poznámka: You should read the manual installation steps first!

This list describes how to set up the ISAPI module to work with the Sambar server on Windows.

  • Find the file called mappings.ini (in the config directory) in the Sambar install directory.

  • Open mappings.ini and add the following line under [ISAPI]:

    Příklad 6-7. ISAPI configuration of Sambar

    #for PHP 4
    *.php = c:\php\php4isapi.dll
    #for PHP 5
    *.php = c:\php\php5isapi.dll
    (This line assumes that PHP was installed in c:\php.)

  • Now restart the Sambar server for the changes to take effect.

Poznámka: If you intend to use PHP to communicate with resources which are held on a different computer on your network, then you will need to alter the account used by the Sambar Server Service. The default account used for the Sambar Server Service is LocalSystem which will not have access to remote resources. The account can be amended by using the Services option from within the Windows Control Panel Administation Tools.