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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

fileatime — Gets last access time of file


int fileatime ( string $filename )

Gets the last access time of the given file.



Path to the file.

Return values

Returns the time the file was last accessed, or FALSE in case of an error. The time is returned as a Unix timestamp.


Example#1 fileatime() example


// outputs e.g.  somefile.txt was last accessed: December 29 2002 22:16:23.

$filename 'somefile.txt';
if (
file_exists($filename)) {
"$filename was last accessed: " date("F d Y H:i:s."fileatime($filename));



Note: The atime of a file is supposed to change whenever the data blocks of a file are being read. This can be costly performance-wise when an application regularly accesses a very large number of files or directories.
Some Unix filesystems can be mounted with atime updates disabled to increase the performance of such applications; USENET news spools are a common example. On such filesystems this function will be useless.

Note: Tämän funktion tulokset tallennetaan välimuistiin. Katso tarkemmat tiedot clearstatcache() sivulta.


PHP 5.0.0 versiosta lähtien tämä funktio tukee myös joitakin URL tyyppejä. Katso myös List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers.