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Bzip2 Compression Functions


The bzip2 functions are used to transparently read and write bzip2 (.bz2) compressed files.


This module uses the functions of the » bzip2 library by Julian Seward. This module requires bzip2/libbzip2 version >= 1.0.x.


Bzip2 support in PHP is not enabled by default. You will need to use the --with-bz2[=DIR] configuration option when compiling PHP to enable bzip2 support.

Runtime Configuration

Tämä laajennus ei määrittele yhtäkään direktiiviä php.inissä.

Resource Types

This extension defines one resource type: a file pointer identifying the bz2-file to work on.

Predefined Constants

Tämä laajennus ei määrittele yhtäkään uutta vakiota.


This example opens a temporary file and writes a test string to it, then prints out the contents of the file.

Example#1 Small bzip2 Example


$str "This is a test string.\n";

// open file for writing
$bz bzopen($filename"w");

// write string to file

// close file

// open file for reading
$bz bzopen($filename"r");

// read 10 characters
echo bzread($bz10);

// output until end of the file (or the next 1024 char) and close it.  
echo bzread($bz);



Table of Contents

  • bzclose — Close a bzip2 file
  • bzcompress — Compress a string into bzip2 encoded data
  • bzdecompress — Decompresses bzip2 encoded data
  • bzerrno — Returns a bzip2 error number
  • bzerror — Returns the bzip2 error number and error string in an array
  • bzerrstr — Returns a bzip2 error string
  • bzflush — Force a write of all buffered data
  • bzopen — Opens a bzip2 compressed file
  • bzread — Binary safe bzip2 file read
  • bzwrite — Binary safe bzip2 file write