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YP/NIS Functions



NIS (formerly called Yellow Pages) allows network management of important administrative files (e.g. the password file). For more information refer to the NIS manpage and The Linux NIS(YP)/NYS/NIS+ HOWTO. There is also a book called Managing NFS and NIS by Hal Stern.

Notatka: To rozszerzenie zostało przeniesione do repozytorium PECL i nie jest rozprowadzane z PHP od wersji 5.1.0.

Notatka: To rozszerzenie nie jest dostępne na platformie Windows.


None besides functions from standard Unix libraries which are always available (either libc or libnsl, configure will detect which one to use).


To get these functions to work, you have to configure PHP with --enable-yp.

Konfiguracja uruchomieniowa

To rozszerzenie nie definiuje posiada żadnych dyrektyw konfiguracyjnych w pliku php.ini.

Stałe predefiniowane

Poniższe stałe są zdefiniowane w tym rozszerzeniu i stają się dostępne, gdy rozszerzenie jest dokompilowane do PHP, lub załadowane dynamicznie przy starcie.

YPERR_ACCESS (integer)

access violation (this has only been added recently and is only available from PECL CVS for now)


The function arguments are bad

YPERR_BADDB (integer)

YP database is bad

YPERR_BUSY (integer)

Database busy

YPERR_DOMAIN (integer)

cannot bind to server in this domain

YPERR_KEY (integer)

no such key in map

YPERR_MAP (integer)

no such map in server's domain

YPERR_NODOM (integer)

Local domain name not set

YPERR_NOMORE (integer)

No more records in map database

YPERR_PMAP (integer)

Can't communicate with portmapper

YPERR_RESRC (integer)

resource allocation failure

YPERR_RPC (integer)

RPC failure - domain has been unbound

YPERR_YPBIND (integer)

Can't communicate with ypbind

YPERR_YPERR (integer)

internal yp server or client error

YPERR_YPSERV (integer)

Can't communicate with ypserv

YPERR_VERS (integer)

YP version mismatch

Spis treści
yp_all -- Traverse the map and call a function on each entry
yp_cat -- Return an array containing the entire map
yp_err_string -- Returns the error string associated with the given error code
yp_errno -- Returns the error code of the previous operation
yp_first -- Returns the first key-value pair from the named map
yp_get_default_domain -- Fetches the machine's default NIS domain
yp_master -- Returns the machine name of the master NIS server for a map
yp_match -- Returns the matched line
yp_next -- Returns the next key-value pair in the named map
yp_order -- Returns the order number for a map