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(PHP 3 >= 3.0.6, PHP 4)

ibase_timefmt --  Sets the format of timestamp, date and time type columns returned from queries


int ibase_timefmt ( string format [, int columntype] )

Sets the format of timestamp, date or time type columns returned from queries. Internally, the columns are formatted by c-function strftime(), so refer to its documentation regarding to the format of the string. columntype is one of the constants IBASE_TIMESTAMP, IBASE_DATE and IBASE_TIME. If omitted, defaults to IBASE_TIMESTAMP for backwards compatibility.

/* InterBase 6 TIME-type columns will be returned in
     * the form '05 hours 37 minutes'. */
ibase_timefmt("%H hours %M minutes", IBASE_TIME);

You can set defaults for these formats with the PHP configuration directives ibase.timestampformat, ibase.dateformat and ibase.timeformat.

Poznámka: This function has been removed from PHP 5, use ini_set() instead.