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(PHP 5)

ibase_set_event_handler --  Register a callback function to be called when events are posted


resource ibase_set_event_handler ( callback event_handler, string event_name1 [, string event_name2 [, string ...]] )

resource ibase_set_event_handler ( resource connection, callback event_handler, string event_name1 [, string event_name2 [, string ...]] )

This function registers a PHP user function as event handler for the specified events. The callback is called with the event name and the link resource as arguments whenever one of the specified events is posted by the database. The callback must return FALSE if the event handler should be canceled. Any other return value is ignored. This function accepts up to 15 event arguments.


function event_handler($event_name, $link)
    if (
$event_name=="NEW ORDER") {
// process new order
ibase_query($link, "UPDATE orders SET status='handled'");
    } else if (
$event_name=="DB_SHUTDOWN") {
// free event handler
return false;

ibase_set_event_handler($link, "event_handler", "NEW_ORDER", "DB_SHUTDOWN");

The return value is an event resource. This resource can be used to free the event handler using ibase_free_event_handler().

See also ibase_free_event_handler() and ibase_wait_event().