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(PHP 5)


(no version information, might be only in CVS)

SQLiteDatabase->busyTimeout -- Set busy timeout duration, or disable busy handlers


void sqlite_busy_timeout ( resource dbhandle, int milliseconds )

Object oriented style (method):

class SQLiteDatabase {

void busyTimeout ( int milliseconds )


Set the maximum time, in milliseconds, that SQLite will wait for a dbhandle to become ready for use.

Seznam parametrů


The SQLite Database resource; returned from sqlite_open() when used procedurally. This parameter is not required when using the object-oriented method.


The number of milliseconds. When set to 0, busy handlers will be disabled and SQLite will return immediately with a SQLITE_BUSY status code if another process/thread has the database locked for an update.

PHP sets the default busy timeout to be 60 seconds when the database is opened.

Poznámka: There are one thousand (1000) milliseconds in one second.

Návratové hodnoty

Nevrací se žádná hodnota.


Příklad 1. Procedural style

= sqlite_open('sqlitedb');
sqlite_busy_timeout($dbhandle, 10000); // set timeout to 10 seconds
sqlite_busy_timeout($dbhandle, 0); // disable busy handler

Příklad 2. Object oriented style

= new SQLiteDatabase('sqlitedb');
$dbhandle->busyTimeout(10000); // 10 seconds
$dbhandle->busyTimeout(0); // disable

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