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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0RC1)

strptime --  Parse a time/date generated with strftime()


array strptime ( string date, string format )

strptime() returns an array with the date parsed, or FALSE on error.

Month and weekday names and other language dependent strings respect the current locale set with setlocale() (LC_TIME).

Poznámka: Tato funkce není implementována na platformách Windows.

Seznam parametrů

date (string)

The string to parse (e.g. returned from strftime())

format (string)

The format used in date (e.g. the same as used in strftime()).

For more information about the format options, read the strftime() page.

Návratové hodnoty

Returns an array, or FALSE on failure.

Tabulka 1. The following parameters are returned in the array

tm_secSeconds after the minute (0-61)
tm_minMinutes after the hour (0-59)
tm_hourHour since midnight (0-23)
tm_mdayDay of the month (1-31)
tm_monMonths since January (0-11)
tm_yearYears since 1900
tm_wdayDays since Sunday (0-6)
tm_ydayDays since January 1 (0-365)
unparsedthe date part which was not recognized using the specified format


Příklad 1. strptime() example

= '%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S';
$strf = strftime($format);


print_r(strptime($strf, $format));

Výše uvedený příklad vypíše něco jako:

03/10/2004 15:54:19

    [tm_sec] => 19
    [tm_min] => 54
    [tm_hour] => 15
    [tm_mday] => 3
    [tm_mon] => 9
    [tm_year] => 104
    [tm_wday] => 0
    [tm_yday] => 276
    [unparsed] =>

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