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(PHP 3 >= 3.0.8, PHP 4, PHP 5 <= 5.0.4)

cpdf_open -- Opens a new pdf document


int cpdf_open ( int compression [, string filename [, array doc_limits]] )

Opens a new PDF document.



If different from 0, document compression is turned on


Sets the file in which the document is written. - is a synonym for stdout.

If omitted, the document is created in memory and can either be written into a file with cpdf_save_to_file() or written to standard output with cpdf_output_buffer().

Notatka: Using stdout will not work if PHP is compiled as an apache module. You can solve this problem by skipping this parameter filename and using cpdf_output_buffer() later to output the PDF document.


An array defining the document limitation. See cpdf_global_set_document_limits() for more information

Zwracane wartości

Returns a document handle, needed as the first parameter for all other functions of the library.