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radius_get_attr -- Extracts an attribute


mixed radius_get_attr ( resource radius_handle )

Like Radius requests, each response may contain zero or more attributes. After a response has been received successfully by radius_send_request(), its attributes can be extracted one by one using radius_get_attr(). Each time radius_get_attr() is called, it gets the next attribute from the current response.

Návratové hodnoty

Returns an associative array containing the attribute-type and the data, or error number <= 0.


Příklad 1. radius_get_attr() example

while ($resa = radius_get_attr($res)) {

    if (!
is_array($resa)) {
printf("Error getting attribute: %s\n",  radius_strerror($res));

$attr = $resa['attr'];
$data = $resa['data'];
printf("Got Attr:%d %d Bytes %s\n", $attr, strlen($data), bin2hex($data));