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SDO_DAS_DataFactory::addType --  Add a new type to a model


void SDO_DAS_DataFactory::addType ( string type_namespace_uri, string type_name [, array options] )


Tato funkce je EXPERIMENTÁLNÍ. Chování této funkce, její název a všechno ostatní, co je zde zdokumentováno, se v budoucích verzích PHP může BEZ OHLÁŠENÍ změnit. Berte to v úvahu a používejte tuto funkci na vlastní nebezpečí.

Add a new type to the SDO_DAS_DataFactory, defined by its namespace and type name. The type becomes part of the model of data objects that the data factory can create.

Seznam parametrů


The namespace of the type.


The name of the type.


This array holds one or more key=>value pairs to set attribute values for the type. The optional keywords are:


A flag to say whether the type is open. An SDO_DataObject whose type is open can have properties added to them which are not described by the type. This capability is used to support working with XML documents whose schema support open content such as that described by an <xsd:any> element. The default value is 'false'.


A flag to say whether the type is sequenced. Sequenced types can have the ordering across properties preserved and can contain unstructured text. The default value is 'false'. For more information on sequenced types see the section on Working with Sequenced Data Objects.


If specified, an array of namespace URI and type name strings for the type from which this type is derived. An example of the use of base types is when a type derived in an XML schema inherits from another type by using <extension base="...">.

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Příklad 1. A SDO_DAS_DataFactory::addType() example

The following adds a new data object type of 'CompanyType' where that type belongs to the namespace 'CompanyNS'.

->addType('CompanyNS', 'CompanyType');