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(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

getopt -- Gets options from the command line argument list


array getopt ( string options )

Returns an associative array of option / argument pairs based on the options format specified in options, or FALSE on an error.

Seznam parametrů


The options parameter may contain the following elements: individual characters, and characters followed by a colon to indicate an option argument is to follow. For example, an option string x recognizes an option -x, and an option string x: recognizes an option and argument -x argument. It does not matter if an argument has leading white space.

Návratové hodnoty

This function will return an array of option / argument pairs. If an option does not have an argument, the value will be set to FALSE.


Příklad 1. getopt() Example

// parse the command line ($GLOBALS['argv'])
$options = getopt("f:hp:");


Poznámka: Tato funkce není implementována na platformách Windows.