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Imagick::distortImage — Distorts an image using various distortion methods


bool Imagick::distortImage ( int $method , array $arguments , bool $bestfit )

Varoitus! Tämä funktio on EKSPERIMENTAALINEN. Tämän funktion ominaisuudet, käyttäytyminen, parametrit ja nimi voivat muuttua varoituksetta seuraavissa PHP versioissa.

Distorts an image using various distortion methods, by mapping color lookups of the source image to a new destination image usally of the same size as the source image, unless 'bestfit' is set to true. If 'bestfit' is enabled, and distortion allows it, the destination image is adjusted to ensure the whole source 'image' will just fit within the final destination image, which will be sized and offset accordingly. Also in many cases the virtual offset of the source image will be taken into account in the mapping. This functionality is present if Imagick is compiled against ImageMagick 6.3.6 or later.



The method of image distortion. See distortion constants


The arguments for this distortion method


Attempt to resize destination to fit distorted source

Return values

Returns TRUE on success.


Throws ImagickException on error.


Example#1 Using Imagick::distortImage():

Distort an image and write it to the disk.


= new imagick"example.jpg" );

$im->distortImageImagick::DISTORTION_PERSPECTIVE, array( 7,404,304,1244,12385,122100,12385,2100,30 ), true );

$im->writeImage"example_out.jpg" );