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runkit_sandbox_output_handler --  Specify a function to capture and/or process output from a runkit sandbox


mixed runkit_sandbox_output_handler ( object sandbox [, mixed callback] )

Ordinarily, anything output (such as with echo() or print()) will be output as though it were printed from the parent's scope. Using runkit_sandbox_output_handler() however, output generated by the sandbox (including errors), can be captured by a function outside of the sandbox.

Poznámka: Podpora sandboxu (potřebná pro runkit_lint(), runkit_lint_file(), a třídu Runkit_Sandbox) je dostupná jen v PHP 5.1 nebo speciálně patchovaných verzích PHP 5.0, a vyžaduje zapnutou threadovou bezpečnost. Pro více informací viz soubor README přiložený k runkit balíku.

Deprecated: As of runkit version 0.5, this function is deprecated and is scheduled to be removed from the package prior to a 1.0 release. The output handler for a given Runkit_Sandbox instance may be read/set using the array offset syntax shown on the Runkit_Sandbox class definition page.

Seznam parametrů


Object instance of Runkit_Sandbox class on which to set output handling.


Name of a function which expects one parameter. Output generated by sandbox will be passed to this callback. Anything returned by the callback will be displayed normally. If this parameter is not passed then output handling will not be changed. If a non-truth value is passed, output handling will be disabled and will revert to direct display.

Návratové hodnoty

Returns the name of the previously defined output handler callback, or FALSE if no handler was previously defined.


Příklad 1. Feeding output to a variable

function capture_output($str) {
$GLOBALS['sandbox_output'] .= $str;


$sandbox_output = '';

$php = new Runkit_Sandbox();
runkit_sandbox_output_handler($php, 'capture_output');
$php->eval('var_dump("Excuse me");');
$php->die("I lost myself.");

"Sandbox Complete\n\n";

Výše uvedený příklad vypíše:

Sandbox Complete

string(9) "Excuse me"
I lost myself.