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mSQL Functions

XCIV. mSQL Functions


These functions allow you to access mSQL database servers. More information about mSQL can be found at


In order to have these functions available, you must compile PHP with msql support by using the --with-msql[=DIR] option. DIR is the mSQL base install directory, defaults to /usr/local/msql3.

Note to Win32 Users: In order for this extension to work, there are DLL files that must be available to the Windows system PATH. See the FAQ titled "How do I add my PHP directory to the PATH on Windows" for information on how to do this. Although copying DLL files from the PHP folder into the Windows system directory also works (because the system directory is by default in the systems PATH), it is not recommended. This extension requires the following files to be in the PATH: msql.dll

Konfigurace běhu

Chování těchto funkcí je ovlivněno nastavením parametrů v php.ini.

Tabulka 1. mSQL configuration options

Pro další detaily a definice konstant PHP_INI_*, viz dokumentace k ini_set().

Zde je stručný popis konfiguračních direktiv.

msql.allow_persistent boolean

Whether to allow persistent mSQL connections.

msql.max_persistent integer

The maximum number of persistent mSQL connections per process.

msql.max_links integer

The maximum number of mSQL connections per process, including persistent connections.

Typy prostředků

There are two resource types used in the mSQL module. The first one is the link identifier for a database connection, the second a resource which holds the result of a query.

Předdefinované konstanty

Tyto konstanty jsou definovány tímto rozšířením a budou k dispozici pouze tehdy, bylo-li rozšíření zkompilováno společně s PHP nebo dynamicky zavedeno za běhu.

MSQL_ASSOC (integer)

MSQL_NUM (integer)

MSQL_BOTH (integer)


This simple example shows how to connect, execute a query, print resulting rows and disconnect from a mSQL database.

Příklad 1. mSQL usage example

/* Connecting, selecting database */
$link = msql_connect('localhost', 'username', 'password')
    or die(
'Could not connect : ' . msql_error($link));

msql_select_db('database', $link)
    or die(
'Could not select database');

/* Issue SQL query */
$query = 'SELECT * FROM my_table';
$result = msql_query($query, $link) or die('Query failed : ' . msql_error($link));

/* Printing results in HTML */
echo "<table>\n";
while (
$row = msql_fetch_array($result, MSQL_ASSOC)) {
    foreach (
$row as $col_value) {

/* Free result set */

/* Close connection */

msql_affected_rows -- Returns number of affected rows
msql_close -- Close mSQL connection
msql_connect -- Open mSQL connection
msql_create_db -- Create mSQL database
msql_createdb -- Alias pro msql_create_db()
msql_data_seek -- Move internal row pointer
msql_db_query -- Send mSQL query
msql_dbname -- Alias pro msql_result()
msql_drop_db -- Drop (delete) mSQL database
msql_error -- Returns error message of last msql call
msql_fetch_array -- Fetch row as array
msql_fetch_field -- Get field information
msql_fetch_object -- Fetch row as object
msql_fetch_row -- Get row as enumerated array
msql_field_flags -- Get field flags
msql_field_len -- Get field length
msql_field_name -- Get the name of the specified field in a result
msql_field_seek -- Set field offset
msql_field_table -- Get table name for field
msql_field_type -- Get field type
msql_fieldflags -- Alias of msql_field_flags()
msql_fieldlen -- Alias of msql_field_len()
msql_fieldname -- Alias of msql_field_name()
msql_fieldtable -- Alias of msql_field_table()
msql_fieldtype -- Alias of msql_field_type()
msql_free_result -- Free result memory
msql_list_dbs -- List mSQL databases on server
msql_list_fields -- List result fields
msql_list_tables -- List tables in an mSQL database
msql_num_fields -- Get number of fields in result
msql_num_rows -- Get number of rows in result
msql_numfields -- Alias of msql_num_fields()
msql_numrows -- Alias of msql_num_rows()
msql_pconnect -- Open persistent mSQL connection
msql_query -- Send mSQL query
msql_regcase -- Alias of sql_regcase()
msql_result -- Get result data
msql_select_db -- Select mSQL database
msql_tablename -- Alias of msql_result()
msql -- Alias of msql_db_query()